How to import XP Embedded Target Designer projects into Windows Embedded Standard Target Designer?

You can import any existing project you created in the XP Embedded Target Designer into the Windows Embedded Standard Target Designer. To do this follow these steps: Start Windows Embedded Standard Target Designer Click File / Open Select the XP Embedded Target Designer project After loading is done click Configuration / Upgrade Configuration Click Yes [...]

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How to add/remove languages to a finished POSReady image?

Installing and removing languages in POSReady is really easy. All you need is the installation DVD. Insert it into the target machines DVD drive and an autorun splash screen will appear. Click “Install additional languages for the POSReady user interface” Select the languages you wish to install Select the language you wish to use as [...]

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XP Embedded Builder v2 – Overview

XP Embedded Builder is a tool which allows you to create your XP Embedded images directly on the target hardware without any knowledge in Target Designer. The interface is like an XP Professional setup – you boot from DVD and a setup wizard will lead you through the installation. At the beginning you can enter [...]

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Automatically enter the PID in XP Embedded Builder

If you don’t want to enter the PID in XP Embedded Builder all the time you can have XP Embedded Builder to do this for you. For this please do the following: Create a textfile named PID.txt Enter the Product Key in this file including the dashes (e.g.: AAAAA-BBBBB-CCCCC-DDDDD-EEEEE) Save the PID.txt to the root [...]

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Creating and deploying images using WAIK and imagex

Before beginning with the image creation or deployment – please download the WAIK tools from Microsoft ( and create either a bootable DVD or bootable USB stick which contains imagex. For this please follow the documentation that comes with the WAIK tools. Preparation Please follow the preparation steps for both – image creation and image [...]

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How to enter the product key in XP Embedded / Windows Embedded Standard?

With every license order you will receive an envelope containing the licenses. In this envelope you will also find a yellow paper containing one product key. You can use this product key to create full versions of the ordered product. This video will show you how to enter the product key in Target Designer.

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Do I need to enter a different license for each image?

No, you do not need to enter a separate license for each cloned image. Why? The licensing of Windows Embedded works different than for normal Windows versions. A image is fully licensed if you put a license sticker onto the device. If you need more details you can contact us any time! For more details [...]

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Creating custom components

XP Embedded Builder v2 allows you to create your own components very easily. To create a component you just need to create the correct file structure, export your registry entries and build a configuration file. I'll show you how to build your component here and use the MsConfig component as example. Create a folder for [...]

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