Elbacom launches new service: ALECk–The Glossary for Windows Embedded

Do you remember the last time when you were reading an article about specific product that contained many unknown abbreviations or unknown terms? We know that there are many term that need explanation – therefore Elbacom has launched a new service: ALECk - The Glossary for Windows Embedded. The new service will highlight specific terms [...]

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Embedded Lockdown Features in Windows Embedded Standard 8

If you are interested in more details about the new lockdown features in the upcoming Windows Embedded Standard 8 then you should read the blog post in the new Approaching Embedded Intelligently blog from Microsoft: What is lockdown and branding in Windows Embedded Standard 8, and where are my EEFs- It covers all new features [...]

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Windows Offline Configurator v1.1 released

The new version of Windows Offline Configurator now supports the CTP2 version of Windows Embedded Standard 8. The evaluation version of the tool can be used to install Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP1 & CTP2 for free. The benefits of the tool are that you can configure and install your Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows [...]

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DISMUI v3.0.2 released

I have released a new version of DISMUI that enables support for Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP2. It also contains several small changes mostly related to the new CTP.

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Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP2 released

Microsoft has released the updated version of the Community Technical Preview of Windows Embedded Standard 8. It is available for download on the Microsoft Connect website at https://connect.microsoft.com/windowsembedded.

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