DISMUI v3.0.1–Bugfixes

This is a minor release that contains only bug fixes for the following functions: Dependency Tree Viewer in WES7 & POSReady 7 Integration into POSReady 7 with /integrate switch Language Pack installation only when needed minor fixes      

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Updates for Elbacom Embedded Toolkit and Configuration Manager available!

We released new updates for our tools! Elbacom Embedded Toolkit V2.5.4 CHANGELOG: SWM Compatibility All tools are now supporting the splitted WIM file format (*.SWM). This is useful and required when using FAT32 formatted drives which are sometimes required on UEFI systems. Recovery Creator now supports to create recovery media that contain SWM files or [...]

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Feature Update for Windows Embedded Standard 2009 available

Microsoft has released the August 2010 Update for Windows Embedded Standard 2009 which contains the following new features and tools: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 includes a component with the .NET 4.0 installer and its dependencies Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Prerequisites Macro Component which contains all the needed dependencies to install SQL Server 2008 [...]

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Windows Storage Server 2008 Branding

Windows Server 2008 allows you to brand the OOBE and Server Manager. To brand both you can use the following: Install the x64 Compiler for Visual Studio 2008 Run Visual Studio 2008 Create a Visual C++ / Win32 Project Select DLL Click Finish Create a new Resource Add a String Table Resource Enter all the [...]

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Single Instance Storage

Windows Storage Server 2008 ships with Single Instance Storage – this will enable Storage Server to save space because it will save duplicate files only once. SIS will check all the files on the harddisk for duplicate ones – if they are found it will be saved only once in the Common Store. All files [...]

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Windows Embedded Standard 7 VHD Boot

Windows Embedded Standard 7 supports booting from a VHD file. Installing the OS into a VHD can be very easy. Boot IBW (Image Building Wizard) Before starting the setup process press Shift+F10 Run diskpart Type in the following commands in this sample the file is located on drive C: with the filename win7emb.vhd and a [...]

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Cloning images using WAIK and imagex

This video demonstrates you the usage of imagex together with either Windows Vista AIK or Windows 7 AIK. A detailed command description can be found here. The video shows the capturing of an installed “ready-to-clone” image where it will be saved to an external harddrive. The second part will show the deployment to a fresh [...]

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