DISMUI v3.0.1–Bugfixes

This is a minor release that contains only bug fixes for the following functions: Dependency Tree Viewer in WES7 & POSReady 7 Integration into POSReady 7 with /integrate switch Language Pack installation only when needed minor fixes

DISMUI v3.0 released–with many new features!

The new version of DISMUI received many updates including support for the current Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP1. One major change is the support of Modules which are the new way of adding features in Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP1. A module is not only a combination of features of the OS itself – a

Elbacom website re-launch

We have redesigned our complete website with many new options to provide you even more content! Now you have a single account for everything on our website – please register for free to get access to our free unique tools register for our events fill out your CLA online etc. Please have a look around