Windows Embedded 8.1 Pro is the full version of Windows 8.1 Pro but with embedded licensensing. The embedded licensing allows you to ship the operating system pre-installed and pre-activated together with your embedded application to your customer.

8 Reasons for Windows Embedded 8.1 Pro

Image Build Process


Use the OPK Setup DVD directly on your target device to install your Windows Embedded 8.1 Pro image.
The setup is completely the same as on a retail Windows 8.1 Pro installation.


Licenses and Toolkit

Licensenumber Description Notes
42C-00075 Windows Embedded 8.1 Pro Runtime License Each device needs one license
X19-07246X19-07250 Windows Embedded 8.1 Pro English OPKWindows Embedded 8.1 Pro MUI OPK Free of charge
Toolset needed to create your images

Availability and Support

Available End of Mainstream Support End of Extended Support
2028 09.01.2018 10.01.2023