clip_image002_2_0If you are trying to install the File Based Write Filter Management Tool under POSReady 7 with the unattended switch /q the setup will crash. A normal installation by using the wizard will work but what if you still want to install the packages unattended?

I tried to find a solution for this and found one by opening the setup executable in 7-Zip. In the executable you can find a file that contains all the contents that will be installed – it is also the biggest file in there. By browsing the content of this file I was able to find a CAB file that contains the Management Tool for the File Based Write Filter.

So if you open the setup in 7-zip browse into the file named _6A2E8856175EB21FF530C062DB932CCF and extract the file _9ED2FC71C85841E79ABDAF5239B47983. Rename the latter one to

After that you can use DISM to add the Management Tool unattended. E.g.: by executing DISM /Online /Add-Package /

Please make sure that you add the File Based Write Filter and the WMI Provider for the File Based Write Filter first – otherwise the Management Tool will fail to start.

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