DISMUI v1.4.2.1–Update available

DISMUI has been updated to fix some issues when installing Feature Packages in Offline Mode. For bigger packages there was a need to create a scratch directory. DISMUI is now creating a temporary scratch directory to solve the issue. This directory will be removed afterwards. Other improvements: DISMUI detects if it is running under [...]

By |2016-01-24T15:15:10+01:00September 22nd, 2011|

DISMUI v1.4.2 released–enhanced POSReady 7 support

A new version of DISMUI is now available. The new version features enhanced support for POSReady 7. The following features have been added: Language Pack OPK DVD is now supported as Distribution Share Directory By selecting the DVD drive that contains the language pack DVD from the OPK you can easily add and remove language [...]

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