Visit our seminars or trainings to get a better knowledge about Windows Embedded / IoT. You can also contact us for in-house seminars or trainings with specific content for you.


Because starting with new Windows Embedded / IoT project can be very complex, we offer trainings with specific content perfectly fitted to your needs.

We can do online or in-house trainings with you including content from all topics around the embedded environment like Embedded / IoT Licensing, Tools and Technolgies, Operating Systems and Embedded Features, Security, and many others…

Our goal is to provide the perfect content for your needs.

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In-House Technical Training

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Thank you for the very informative webinar. It was to the point, we got all information we needed about your solution.

There is not much embedded information available on web, so please keep me informed about your future webinars, I will be very happy to attend!

Bostjan R.

Thanks for providing this information.

I have a brief compliment to offer. The seminar was great, understandable and helpful!

Stipe V.