Deployment Image Servicing and Management User Interface (DISMUI)

DISMUI is available for free. If you need a special branded version of DISMUI please contact us for more details.
The tool now supports Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro!



Easy User Interface
DISMUI provides an easy-to-use user interface that looks similar to the known Image Build Wizard from Windows Embedded 8 Standard.
You only need a few clicks to safely modify your existing Windows Embedded installation. The tool will do all the needed work for you in the background.


Automated Offline Servicing
POSReady 7 does not support online servicing of the operating system. Therefore DISMUI offers the "Service image offline" option which will automate the offline servicing for you. The configuration can be done online but all the servicing operations will be done in an on-the-fly created Windows PE environment!

This method can be used for Windows Embedded Standard 7 too.



Module Installation
DISMUI supports installing modules in Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows Embedded POSReady 7! It uses the same format as the modules in Windows Embedded 8 Standard! With DISMUI you can easily add your own application, files & drivers to your image!



Advanced OS detection
DISMUI has an enhanced function to recognize the OS it runs on, the OS you want to service and the distribution share you are using. These checks enhance the security of servicing your image because you cannot use a wrong package for your OS!


Dependency Check
All required feature pack dependencies will be added automatically by DISMUI. The tool will also take car that the dependencies of the installed Windows Embedded system are fullfilled so you cannot remove important files that make the system unbootable.


Distribution Share / Catalog detection
When starting DISMUI it tries to automatically find the correct distribution share and catalog. Also the POSReady 7 MUI DVD will be recognized.


Conflict Check
When running the "Dependency Check" DISMUI will also check for conflicts between feature packages and offers an easy way to resolve the conflicts by showing a specialized dialog with information about how to solve the conflict.


Language Packs
DISMUI will take care that all installed language packs will be re-applied after a change. This ensures that all feature packages have their language files on the system.

The tool also supports MUI pack DVDs as distribution share source.


Dependency Viewer
An unique feature of DISMUI is to show a complete list of all the dependencies of a specific component.

It also allows to show all dependents of the component. This makes it easier to find out why a specific components gets pulled back in during dependency check.


Driver Installation
If a specific driver has not been installed during the setup of Windows Embedded Standard 7 it can be tricky to integrate it manually afterward. For this scenario just launch DISMUI with the "Driver Installation" option and the tool will automatically integrate the missing drivers from the Distribution Share.


Footprint Calculation
DISMUI will calculate the estimated OS footprint when selecting or deselecting feature packages. This will inform you how your current selection will impact on the operating systems size.


Portable DISMUI
DISMUI is built on the .NET 4.0 runtime which makes it possible to use DISMUI also from Windows PE 8. This enables you to create a portable version of DISMUI.


Support for Online & Offline Servicing
A Windows Embedded image can be serviced in online mode (currently running OS) or offline mode (image in a folder) - DISMUI supports both options and will automatically select the correct option depending on the system it runs on.


Support to Turn Windows Features On and Off
Even if DISMUI runs on an OS that is not componentized, DISMUI can turn the Windows Features on or off. This way DISMUI will also work with Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro!


Remove Modules in Windows Embedded 8 Standard
DISMUI uses its own algorithm to remove modules in Windows Embedded 8 Standard. Normally this is not possible when using the DISM command. However DISMUI can safely remove any module from your image. This helps a lot while creating and testing your image.


Update Check
DISMUI now offers the ability to check for new updates from within the tool.


Supported Products

Customized Branding

If you need a customized branded version of DISMUI please contact us for more details.


To download DISMUI please click here to get to the appropriate blog post: DISMUI Download.

DISMUI requires the .NET 4.0 runtime to be installed to run. To use DISMUI on systems that only have .NET 2.0 installed, please download the older DISMUI 3.0 here.