Driver Extractor v2.0.1 released

I have added a new feature to Driver Extractor that allows you to export the device information of your current device to a PMQ file. The file format is identical to the TAP (Target Analyzer Probe) output. Additionally I have added command line arguments so you can easily export all drivers from the command line. [...]

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Approaching Embedded Intelligently features DISMUI

Microsofts Approaching Embedded Intelligently blog features the current version of DISMUI. J.T. Kimbell has written a fantastic post about the tool that also includes a demo video showing DISMUI in action. You can read the whole blog post here: The video can be seen on Youtube here:  

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Driver Extractor v2 released

I have created a new version of my tool Driver Extractor which is now capable of creating Modules for Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP1. The tool allows you to extract already installed drivers from your system with just a few clicks. For the export you can also choose to package the driver into a Module [...]

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New Microsoft Embedded Blog: Approching Embedded Intelligently

Microsoft launched a new blog called “Approching Embedded Intelligently”. Microsoft defines the goal of the blog to “bring together a range of voices to spotlight Windows Embedded new and information and reflect the evolving world of intelligent systems and specialized devices.” The first post is already very interesting because it points to very helpful tools [...]

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