I have added a new feature to Driver Extractor that allows you to export the device information of your current device to a PMQ file. The file format is identical to the TAP (Target Analyzer Probe) output.
Additionally I have added command line arguments so you can easily export all drivers from the command line.

These two features allow you to export the drivers for a specific system automatically so you can import them either into your Target Designer Component Database or Windows Embedded Standard 8 Catalog and use the exported PMQ file to automatically add the drivers to your image.



[tap] [export] [wes8|xp|copy] [path <path>]

image_4_0tap – will export the device information to devices.pmq in the current working directory. If path is specified it will be stored in this location.

export – will export all drivers in the format specified (wes8/xp/copy)

wes8 – Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP1 Module

xp – XP Embedded / Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Component

copy – copy drivers only

path – specifies the output path