The Keyboard Filter Driver allows you to block any unwanted key combination or even single keys. This is done by a kernel mode filter driver which filters out the key presses before they are processed by the system.
Examples for unwanted key combinations on an embedded system are: Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Ctrl+Shift+Esc, Win+E, etc. All these key combinations can be filtered with this driver.

The driver is available for Windows Embedded Standard 7 only and ships can be installed easily with a single setup file.


The configuration is done via the command line tool kbfmgr.

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/enable                                                                        Enables the filter driver
/disable                                                                        Disables the filter driver
/addset <+|->scancode

[,<+|->scancode[,…]]                   Creates a new set of filtered scancodes
/modifyset <setid> <+|->scancode[,<+|->scancode[,…]]    Modifies a new set of filtered scancodes
/deleteset <setid>                                                         Deletes a set



The scancodes for the keys must be entered in decimal format.
A full list of all scancodes of the English keyboard layout can be found here:

Sample configuration

To block LCtrl + LShift + Esc please run the following command:

kbfmgr /addset +1,+29,+42

After you have entered the command restart the device to apply the settings.


Run Setup.exe directly on the target device and follow the instructions of the wizard.
To enable the filter driver run

kbfmgr /enable

After running the command restart the device to apply the settings.