Windows Embedded 8 Standard – Now Available!

Windows Embedded 8 Standard is available for ordering starting today. Download the toolkit for free from the Microsoft Windows Embedded website and start developing the next generation embedded devices! For more information visit our Windows Embedded 8 Standard info page:

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Windows Embedded 8 Industry (Release Preview) – Installation

Microsoft released the Windows Embedded 8 Industry – Release Preview which includes a new touch-friendly setup experience. The new UI also enables you to activate the Lockdown Features prior installation – including the Unified Write Filter, Keyboard Filter and Gesture Filter. Here is a short guide to install Windows Embedded 8 Industry – Release Preview: [...]

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Windows Embedded 8 Industry

Microsoft just released the Community Technical Preview (CTP) of Windows Embedded 8 Industry. The product is the successor of Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady products which are specifically targeted for verticals such as Retail, Medical or Financial devices. More information and the download is available on the Microsoft Windows Embedded website:

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Wolfgang Unger received the Microsoft MVP Award 2013

Microsoft is pleased to recognize and award its Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). The MVP Award is given to thank individuals for their exceptional contributions to technical communities worldwide. When a community participant sees an MVP in a technical community, whether in a newsgroup, as a user group host, a conference speaker, or a respondent in [...]

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Windows Embedded 8 Standard Release Preview is now available for download

Microsoft has reached another stage in the development of Windows Embedded 8 Standard and they just published the Release Preview of the product on the Microsoft Connect Website. Important changes in this release are the implemented Windows Activation, the removed USB Filter (introduced in CTP3). To download the new Release Preview please visit the Microsoft [...]

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DISMUI v3.0.3 available–Support for Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP3 and removing modules

DISMUI was already supporting the new version of Windows Embedded Standard 8CTP3. The new version however extends the capabilities for the new CTP by enabling you to remove Modules at any time. This is not possible by the integrated DISMcommand! DISMUI does this in a safe way because it is checking for packages that are [...]

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Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP3 available for download

Microsoft has released a new version of the Community Technical Preview for Windows Embedded Standard 8. It provides additional features and support for Security and Lockdown, Custom Branding, Management and increases the modularity of the system itself and introduces the USB Filter for x86 based devices. To download it please visit the Microsoft Connect website: [...]

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