Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro–Preview is now available

Microsoft has released the preview version of Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro. You can download the new bits after registration from The new version contains all features from Windows 8.1 to the Embedded version of the product and adds the lockdown capabilities that are needed in an embedded environment. Be sure to download the [...]

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Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Microsoft has released the final version of Windows Embedded Compact 2013. The new version of the real-time operating system can now be build using the latest version of Visual Studio. To find out more and download an evaluation version please have a look at the Microsoft Windows Embedded website:

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Unique Tools Overview

We have added a detailed presentation about our Unique Tools. You can get a quick deep dive into what the tools do and for which operating systems they can be used. Simply go to and have a look!

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Drive Embedded To Success

Elbacom presents the Project Knight 2000 - an intelligent system showcase that is fully equipped with Windows Embedded and other Microsoft technologies. It was shown on the Embedded World 2013 in Nuremberg and was remotely displayed on the SPS 2012 in Nuremberg. The car is running Windows Embedded 8 Standard and is connected to the [...]

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Windows Embedded 8 Standard–Additional Language Packs available for download

Microsoft released additional language packs for Windows Embedded 8 Standard which are available for download from MyOEM: Windows Embedded 8 Standard 32-bit Windows Embedded 8 Standard 64-bit   The following languages are available: Arabic(Saudi Arabia) Basque(Basque) Bulgarian(Bulgaria) Catalan(Catalan) Chinese Traditional(Taiwan) Croatian(Croatia) Czech(Czech Republic) Danish(Denmark) Dutch(Netherlands) English(United Kingdom) Estonian(Estonia) Finnish(Finland) Galician(Galician) Greek(Greece) Hebrew(Israel) Hungarian(Hungary) Italian(Italy) Latvian(Latvia) [...]

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AutoLogon on Windows Embedded 8 Standard

If you configure an automatic logon on Windows Embedded 8 Standard (e.g. with control UserPasswords) right after the installation you will notice that your configuration gets lost after the reboot. Then you will need to reconfigure the automatic logon again. The reason for this behavior is that the setup creates the AutoAdminLogonCount value in the [...]

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Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Flash

If you try to install Adobe Flash in Windows Embedded 8 Standard you will most likely get to the troubleshooting website of Windows 8. All solutions posted there will not work and if you try to install the KB2758994 you will see the error message “The update is not applicable to your computer.”. There is [...]

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Windows Embedded 8 Industry Pro is now available

Microsoft has released the next version of Windows Embedded POSReady which is now named Windows Embedded 8 Industry Pro. This new version is built upon the reliable Windows 8 operating system. With the Retail SKU it is specifically targeted for Point of Service devices which can be kiosks, scanners, POS terminals, and many more. The [...]

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