XP Embedded Builder is a powerful tool that helps you create a Windows XP Embedded SP2 image from scratch in a wizard-like fashion.

Create your XP Embedded image within minutes with all important features of XP Embedded.


Feature Target Designer XPeBuilder POSReady2009
Installation/Creation Tool Target Designer
Component Designer
Windows PE
Wizard-like Setup Non-icon_0 Check-icon Check-icon
Average Installation Time > 1h < 30 min ~ 30 min
Flexibility > 13.000 components
including drivers
Base image +

> 40 feature packs
+ all XP drivers

Base image +
> 20 feature packages
Learn Time one week almost none almost none
Embedded Features 
(EWF, FBWF, USB Boot,…)
Check-icon Check-icon Some
(FBWF, Registry Filter
+ USB Boot)
Minimum Footprint 9 MB 100 MB 500MB
Preinstalled Drivers Possible Check-icon Check-icon Check-icon
Target Disk Preparation Manual Automatic Automatic
 XP Pro like image possible Check-icon Check-icon Non-icon_0

Image Build Process


If you use XP Embedded Builder, all you need is your target device with a DVD and a free USB port. 
There is no need for a second development pc and no need to transfer the final image between machines.
Boot your target device with the XP Embedded Builder DVD.
A graphical setup wizard will guide you through the whole image build process.


Building an XP Embedded image has never been so easy!


Licenses and Toolkit

Licensenumber Description Notes
G80-00005 Windows XP Embedded Runtime License Each device needs one license
G81-00065 Windows XP Embedded Target Designer Due to licensing restrictions a Toolkit for XP Embedded is also needed.
Per toolkit you have 2 free support cases included!
GRE XPE-Builder 2.2 XP Embedded Builder Needed only once

Availability and Support of XP Embedded

Available End of Mainstream Support End of Extended Support
30.01.2017 11.01.2011 12.01.2016