The DISMUI Tool has been updated with the following new features

  • Permanent Packages (e.g. the new SKU Compliance packages from SP1)
    DISMUI checks if a permanent package is included in the image and prevents it from being removed.
  • Advanced Dependency Check
    DISMUI can now check for all needed dependencies – also general dependencies of the installed product such as USB Stack, Shell, etc.
    The tool also checks for conflicts to ensure the modified image runs.image1 (2)
  • Automatic search for Distribution Share
    On each start the tool searches automatically for the Distribution Share.
    For this the DS directory must be in the root on any device (such as IBW DVD) or in the applications directory.
  • Additional changes
    DISMUI checks if changes were made to the feature selection. If not it will no longer continue to the next screen.
    After the image has been modified successfully – DISMUI will now offer to do the reboot automatically.image2