our new version of zOFT 2019 is ready to use!

zOFT (zereOS Optimized Footprint Technology) is a smaller version of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC.
How?  – We removed components that couldn’t be used anyway like the Microsoft Store, Cortana, XBox Controller, etc… What’s left is a fully functional version of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise with a footprint of 3,1GB (64bit version)!


  • zOFT is a fully functional Windows 10
  • Removed features are not accessible or needed in embedded solutions
  • APIs, Driver Model, etc. is identical to a regular Windows 10 IoT
  • Application development and support for zOFT is identical to a “standard Windows 10” – no additional workload

To date – all tested apps and programs work – incl. Real Time extentions

  • Updates provided by Elbacom every 2 months
  • Emergency updates (i.e. Meltdown) upon delivery by Microsoft + 1-2 days


  • Lower BOM cost
  • Better hardware resource usage
  • Wider range of possible usage scenarios
  • Easier and faster deployment – incl. remote deployment and management due to size
  • Higher security as smaller footprint = smaller attack surface

contact us to get your free evaluation version now!