New Features

Automated Offline Servicing

POSReady 7
does not support online servicing of the operating system. Therefore DISMUI offers the “Service image offline” option which will automate the offline servicing for you. The configuration can be done online but all the servicing operations will be done in an on-the-fly created Windows PE environment!

This method can be used for Windows Embedded Standard 7 too.

DISMUI needs two files from the Setup media to create the Windows PE system. Please ensure that you have a setup media connected when choosing this option.


Footprint Calculation

DISMUI will calculate the estimated OS footprint when selecting or deselecting feature packages. This will inform you how your current selection will impact on the operating systems size.


Operating System Detection

When launching DISMUI it will detect on which operating system it runs on. The best option (Online, Online with offline servicing, Offline) will be chosen based on the current system. It will also disable the online mode when running on a full Windows 7 system. On Windows PE it will automatically find the image location.

Update Check

DISMUI now offers the ability to check for new updates from within the tool.


The tool has now received icons that were missing in the previous version to make it look more complete.

Required Components

DISMUI will now include all required components to run out-of-the box (or out-of-the-zip).

Other changes

  • Improved automatic detection of distribution share
  • Improved detection of MUI DVD
  • Improved responsiveness while executing tasks
  • Bugfixes & Other small improvements


We now offer to create a customized branded version of DISMUI.

If you are interested please contact us for more information.