We released new updates for our tools!

Elbacom Embedded Toolkit V2.5.4


SWM Compatibility
All tools are now supporting the splitted WIM file format (*.SWM). This is useful and required when using FAT32 formatted drives which are sometimes required on UEFI systems.
Recovery Creator now supports to create recovery media that contain SWM files or will automatically split large WIM files into SWM files to support FAT32 target file systems.
Windows Deployment Tool supports restoring images from SWM files.

Signed Tools
All tools are now signed with a trusted publisher certificate. The user account control prompt will now show the trusted publisher when launching the tools.
This also prevents false positive detection by some AV software.

Enhanced Boot Manager restore
The boot manager restore routine has been rewritten to support even more configurations.



Elbacom Embedded Configuration Manager V1.0.4.0

  • Several bugfixes and enhancements
  • CBB 2017 Creators Update detection
  • Update description texts