When you get the XP Professional for Embedded Systems OPK you will receive two important CDs to set up your embedded device.

These CDs are called

  • SW CD Windows XPSPx English #1 OPK Tools OEM
  • SW CD Windows XP Professional SPx English #1 ProdAct OEM

The OPK Tools CD will install a tool called Setup Manager whereas the other CD is the normal XP Pro setup as you know from standard pc installations.

Setup Manager

With the setup manager you can create unattended setups very easily.

The installation of the setup manager will create a share on your pc which will contain all the files needed to deploy XP onto your devices.

To create a new unattended setup template run the Setup Manager utility.

You can follow these steps to create a sample configuration:

  • Create a new configuration
  • Click Add to add XP SP3 to the list of the supported operating systems.
    • Insert the SW CD Windows XP Professional SPx English #1 ProdAct OEM CD into your CD Rom drive.
    • Select your CD Rom drive which contains the setup CD
    • Click OK
    • Now all the files are being copied over to your distribution share
  • Select Windows XP Professional … from the list and click Next
  • You can set up Windows that it runs sysprep immediately after deploying – for this sample just click Next
  • Enter the Manufacturer information into this dialog (e.g. Manufacturer: Your company, Model: Test, Support information: Call us at <your number>)
  • Click next
  • Enter the product key which should be used for the installation – there is a Pre-Installation key coming with the OPK which you should use here. After running Sysprep on the finished system you need to enter the real Product Key.
  • Click next
  • Here you can specify programs which should be installed automatically during the unattended setup. Please note that these programs should have an unattended setup as well.
  • Click Next

You can create a floppy disk containing all the unattended setup information. If you choose this option you can boot your target device from Windows Preinstallation environment with the floppy in the floppy drive. WinPE will then automatically prepare your target disk and run the XP setup unattended via the network share on your development pc.

You can also watch this video: