Windows Embedded Standard Builder is a powerful tool that helps you create a Windows Embedded Standard image from scratch in a wizard-like fashion.

Create your Windows Embedded Standard image within minutes with all important features of Windows Embedded Standard.

Feature Target Designer XPeBuilder POSReady2009
Installation/Creation Tool Target Designer
Component Designer
Windows PE
Wizard-like Setup Non-icon_0 Check-icon Check-icon
Average Installation Time > 1h < 30 min ~ 30 min
Flexibility > 13.000 components
including drivers
Base image +> 50 feature packs
+ all XP drivers
Base image +
> 20 feature packages
Learn Time one week almost none almost none
Embedded Features
(EWF, FBWF, USB Boot,…)
Check-icon Check-icon Some
(FBWF, Registry Filter
+ USB Boot)
Minimum Footprint 9 MB 150 MB 500MB
Preinstalled Drivers Possible Check-icon Check-icon Check-icon
Target Disk Preparation Manual Automatic Automatic
 XP Pro like image possible Check-icon Check-icon Non-icon_0

Image Build Process


If you use Windows Embedded Standard Builder, all you need is your target device with a DVD and a free USB port. 
There is no need for a second development pc and no need to transfer the final image between machines.
Boot your target device with the Windows Embedded Standard Builder DVD.
A graphical setup wizard will guide you through the whole image build process.

Building an Windows Embedded Standard image has never been so easy!

Demo of XP Embedded Builder similar to WES Builder:


Licenses and Toolkit

Licensenumber Description Notes
7WT-00011 Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Runtime License Each device needs one license
5CA-00005 Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Target Designer Due to licensing restrictions a Toolkit for Windows Embedded Standard is also needed.
Per toolkit you have 2 free support cases included!
GRE WES-Builder 1.0 Windows Embedded Standard Builder Needed only once

Availability and Support of Windows Embedded Standard

Available End of Mainstream Support End of Extended Support
08.01.2024 14.01.2014 08.01.2019