If you have devices based on Windows Embedded 8 / 8.1 that are not allowed to have internet connection, and devices where phone activation would take too long to process, then we might have a solution for you.

I have developed PowerShell scripts that can be adapted to retrieve the activation keys from all known devices in the network. These keys can then be copied to a machine that has internet access.

Another script will automatically get the activation confirmation keys for all the devices from the Microsoft servers.

Script number three will use these confirmation keys on the devices to do an offline activation. This way a large number of devices can be easily activated without any connection to the internet.

The scripts can be used locally, e.g. to store the key files on an external media, or the scripts can run on one PC in the network to collect the keys from all devices that require activation (devices must be known to the script).

If this solution is interesting for you, please contact us to get the whitepaper.