Microsoft has released the Service Pack 1 for Windows Embedded Standard 7. This includes all updates from Windows 7 Service Pack 1 plus additional benefits for the Embedded version of the operating system.

Features which are new to the SP1 version Windows Embedded Standard 7 are:

  • SKU Compliance Packages
    These packages allow you to make sure that only features which are licensed for a specific SKU (e.g. WS7E) can be executed on the system – a special licensing service in Windows ensures this. This way you can build a full image with a WS7E SKU Compliance package but only the features which are licensed in WS7E will work. However you can still make use of packages which are allowed in WS7E but which contained also WS7P features in the past!
  • SDBoot
    Windows Embedded Standard 7 can now be booted directly from an SD card!
  • PMQ Mapping to Out of Box Drivers
    This new feature allows out of box drivers in the distribution share to be mapped automatically during the installation process. This was not possible in the RTM version.

The Service Pack 1 in available in two different forms:

  • Windows Embedded Standard 7 Service Pack 1 Toolkit
    The toolkit version allows you to build images that already include all the Service Pack 1 updates. It will create a new distribution share for the Image Configuration editor and it is also available as an Image Build Wizard DVD for 32-Bit and 64-Bit.
  • Service Pack 1 CAB
    The CAB version allows you to update finished images to Service Pack 1. This can be done by applying the file with DISM.
    There are different cabs available for 32-Bit and 64-Bit.

A detailed description of all updates in Service Pack 1 can be found here:

The download is available on the Microsoft MSDN Download Center (Evaluation):

Toolkit Update via ECE: