Windows Embedded Standard 7 supports booting from a VHD file. Installing the OS into a VHD can be very easy.

  • Boot IBW (Image Building Wizard)
  • Before starting the setup process press Shift+F10
  • Run diskpart
  • Type in the following commands
    in this sample the file is located on drive C:
    with the filename win7emb.vhd
    and a size of 5GB

create vdisk file=C:\win7emb.vhd maximum=5210 type=fixed
select vdisk file=C:\win7emb.vhd
attach vdisk

  • Start the setup and create the configuration you need
  • IMPORTANT: VHD Boot needs the following component

System Services
– File System
– – Advanced File System

  • Finish the setup


IBW will now install the OS into the VHD file and setup the correct boot settings.

If you receive a BSOD with error code 0X00000012F then check if you have included the Advanced File System component!


The video below will show you the installation process on a VHD.